Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So I don't think I have ADD, but I have tendencies and generally the Internet isn't helping. Lets take for example my amazon recommendation, I don' t think they have ever recommended something I actually wanted, but looking at my amazon recommendations is sort of my way of soul searching as I hope amazon will know me better than I do and tell me what I really need. So far no luck, but I still check. I have looked at the same book about a hundred times, 'St. Petersburg a cultural history,' each time forgetting what it was that made me not want it in the end and each time forgetting that the index it shows you with the 'look inside feature' only shows you the first three chapters. Well this time I found a untranslated French quote. I decided to try my luck at it (I am leaving out the accents because I am lazy): Voila une belle occasion a vos dames de faire bidet. I did pretty well until I came to bidet (there you are a perfect occasion for women to...), so then I looked up bidet in my French-English dictionary and it turned out that bidet in English was bidet at which point I had to go over to wikipedia. I didn't know this thing was a bidet:
Then Wikipedia told me lots of things about bidets I didn't want to know, including this gem: It is said that many American men first encountered bidets in French brothels during WWII and thought they were designed for the prostitutes to douche (inside the vagina) after sexual intercourse, and the more advertisement sounding: Bidets are very useful for the elderly or anyone with mobility problems and for people with hemorrhoids. It is a wonder I don't get more work done. Though just now do I understand why Pushkin said that thing in French: he was making fun of the great St. Peterburg flood and how it created the perfect circumstances for ladies to make bidet. The End.

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