Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Future!

So I am going to study at Brooklyn Law next year and I am pretty happy about it. I am really excited to be returning to New York (friends, family, improv) and pretty excited to dive into the wonderful world of law after having had a sampling of international law this year. I will admit that I had had my sights set on some more competitive schools, but I am happy with the things have worked out. I have the opportunity to study law at a school that I like more and more the more I learn about it (really good people), to return to the city that is more home to me than anywhere else, and I have the potential to do more international stuff (hopefully to take a year off after the first year of law school to take part in Middlebury's masters in Russian program in Moscow). So to all of you who have listened to my complaining and worrying over the past months I thank you and ask you to enjoy my little success too.

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