Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh Baby

Alright, so last post of the month, and the last post before I leave tomorrow around 8:30ish. I headed down the mandatory Fulbright conference outside of Salzburg yesterday and then made my way back today. It was a bit tiring as it is about five hours each way, but I enjoyed the conference more than I though I would. We had a couple of great lectures and the weather was amazing. Austrian town are very quaint, but at the same time I have to admit I start to get a bit nervous small towns, if only because I come from one where there is also nothing to do and I start to feel that if I stay too long or eat the food I won't be allowed to leave (I am usually better with this stuff when I have my own car). The conference is mainly for the Austrians going to the states, but it was fun as they are a pretty interesting bunch. They have a bit of a rougher deal than we do. Fulbright has a number of different programs, but most are doing research projects and receive money towards their living expenses (in Austria the Fulbrighters usually have to teach English in Austrian schools so it is a bit of a bumb deal). Anyway, the Austrians going to the US are going to the degree programs, except the Fulbright commission neither gets them into schools nor pays for their tuition (they pay for about half). So the Austrians have to apply a year and a half before they want to go, see if the get the scholarship, see if they get into a school they want, and then see if that school offers them enough money for them to be able to go. I know this pretty much the same thing Americans go through, I just think that the way it works out because for the Americans if we get in we can go, for those going to the US getting into the program it is only the beginning.


Nella said...

I keep trying to post comments to your entries, but your stupid blog doesn't let me...

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*hopes this posts!*

Nella said...

Well, damn me!! FINALLY!!!

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Barbarossa said...

I am sadened for your loss of snark. My blog will be appropriately punished.