Monday, April 09, 2007

Did I miss the emo generation?

I don't get emo. I mean I really don't get, when did it start, is it like goth light? See, when I went to high school we had the preps, the punks, or the goths, but no emus or whatever the hell they are killed (yes a bad pun, I know). Is an emo a metrosexual who also feels eyeliner fall on the male side of the gender divide? Does emo come in girl? Am I lame for not knowing enough about emo well enough to mock them sufficiently like everyone else? Is everyone is Europe emo since they all wear tight jeans? Are hipsters emo? To you have to be emo to be a hipster? There is an emo Bush so clearly it has to be pretty socially significant. Is emo sponsored by converse? Is it their latest high school kid sponsored trend to keep their shoes selling? Does emo have a monopoly on sad? I would kind've like answers.

Quote on the subject: Emo fashion has changed with time; early trends included haircuts similar to those worn by the Romulans and Vulcans in Star Trek.

And Now an instructional video:

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Edward said...

Hi, Ian...

I am not a diarist. I am not a blogger. I am bad at writing e-reflections. I promise to begin soon...

Meanwhile, back on the urban ranch, I appreciate being able to follow you from afar... and thank you for posting your dirty little German cartoons. I approve.

You would be proud of me, I'm reporting on how the pope wants more Latin in the Mass, so for Easter I went to not one but TWO Latin masses! And the previous day, I ate cake with a Holocaust survivor. This Passover season, Apostasy's winning, 70 Bazillion-0.

E-mo emo @nguish anguish,