Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This whole emo thing has been a real awakening for me. I know emo people! I always wondered why they dyed their hair a darker shade of black, but now I understand! I have also seen lots of emo posers! It is just like the surfer trend where no one on the east coast was a surfer, but they all wore the clothes. Now everyone pretends to be emo, pretending not to care what other people think of them and not to do what other people are doing, all the while hoping people will think they are cool for not caring what people think of them like everyone else.

Also, I have learned that the sweater vest is out in term of emo fashion. I think this means I could never join.

Emo does still confuse me, however, as it seems to be a composit of trends of my high school years. They [the emos] have the punks' studded belts, but lack the punk zest and anger, they have the goth depression, but lack the general pleasure in death and pain that would make them pleasantly carnivorous rather than sulking vegans. Even worse emos seem to all want to dress like Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday, who because of Greenday Dookie will always remind me of middle school. Apparently grad school is the new high school.

Also, I am amazed how hot topic has been able to reinvent itself by selling the exact things but now to emo trendies, not to (or just to) punk and goth trendies like back in my day. Hot topic is emo. I've shopped at hot topic!

And now, tickle me emo:

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