Sunday, April 08, 2007


Vienna is sort of like Easter land. There have been loads of tourists about all day and then the church scene has been a bit like Disney land's its a small world after all ride. Too be sure less racist, but almost every other church had mass in another language: German, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian, Ukrainian, Italian, and many more! They also have Easter markets, which are like the Christmas markets except they are during the day and have Easter themed alcohol instead of Christmas themed alcohol. Sadly today there was a great scene that I didn't have my camera for. In the main Easter market there is a little pen with a bunch of bunnies in it, in that sort of "heah! Its a christian holiday but we've kept all the pagan symbols of fertility like bunnies and eggs" sort of way. Well today when I was walking through the market there was a guy with a huge German Shepard, I mean really big, and I grew up with big Shepard's. Well, I don't know if they Shepard's owner showed him the bunnies or if he found them on his own, but the Shepard found the bunnies and was just staring. The Shepard was completely absorbed. I kind've expected the Shepard to flip and go from staring the trying to fill its mouth with as many bunnies as possible, but he just kept looking. It was pretty cute. I mean, my dogs would have gone for the bunnies. Still it was funny because the bunnies have long pointy ears and Sheppards have long pointy ears, and I sort of just pictured the Shepard hopping into the bunny pen, sitting like a bunny, and hanging out. He didn't though. The End.

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