Monday, April 23, 2007


Do you know that point when you go from having a good amount to do to having too much to do to even keep track of everything you need to do? Well even if you don't, that is what I am dealing with. I am trying to make sure I can see the Ukrainian Foreign Minister when he comes to speak here on Thursday, make it down to the mandatory Fulbright conference, hopefully organize a language trip to Odessa for next week, get together housing for next year, organize my travels for the rest of the semester (hopefully a return to Istanbul and a return to the UK), and try and swing an internship at the Kazakhstani embassy. See? Way too much stuff. Yes, yes it is all my own fault, but I really do want to do it all, it is just this part that is frustrating. We shall see. Also, I think I may be the frwaky kid here, though, that may be nothing new...

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