Thursday, October 25, 2007


I don't know how to network. Really. I mean, I have always known this is an important thing, but before I had no skills and my only prospect so my prospect of employment looked out upon the exciting world of janitorial work, and really do janitors need to network? I certainly did not think so. Well apparently the greater world of law is networkapalooza, where you try and ride high on the nepotism beast instead of clinging to its moldy underbelly (really I feel like we should revolt and kill the nepotism beast so we can all live on top, but I guess nobody likes a dead nepotism beast). This all mainly coming out of the international law career panel I wen to today at the New York Star Bar (wow, the have a beautiful building). All the panelist emphasized networking as the most important thing you can do. I generally felt their description was lacking a step, observe: 1. Always talk to everyone, network down, up, horizontally (there may have been other directions), give people your card, send out holiday updates to your entire network 2. -not mentioned- 3. Networking gets you a great job that no one else has ever heard of. Yeah networking! I think the one thing they convinced me is that I should get business cards, as they made me picture one of the panelists giving me his card and me giving him a shred of paper sloppily bearing that would certainly not disintegrate in his wallet.

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