Monday, October 29, 2007

Something I need to do more research on

Stolen from the BBC site:

This is a 750 year old church in Germany being rolled from its old village to another. Fine, people still like stories about buildings being moved because a house on wheels is just a funny [exorbitantly expensive] idea. Fair enough. Excepts this is the only building relocated in the entire village, the rest of it is getting flattened. For a good cause perhaps? At least for an important highway? (Germans love cars right?) Try because they want to mine the brown coal under the village and it would get in the way. I find this really horrible because the people lost a legal village to keep their village (government of Saxony wanted it and you know imminent domain), as in they wanted to keep living there, and this is for brown coal. From what I remember about Brown coal, it is a horrible power source (pollutes more than normal coal) that was used extensively in East Germany because there was a lot of it was locally and that was a big emphasis of their economic development. That had terrible repercussions for East Germany's air quality. No just no. Don't knock down the historic village because you want to get at a power source you should not be doing. This is environmentally conscious Germany? Granted it is Saxony, but really?

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