Monday, October 22, 2007

Pictures Stolen

Pictures from various newspapers websites that entertain me:

Three-year-old British boy's birthday. He was running around the playground and decided to plop this traffic cone his head and play "Harry Potter." Then he went to show his parents. They couldn't get it off. They called the fire department. It took them half and hour to get it off. His mother, relishing the future black mail potential of the picture, said "He looks quite sorry for himself in the photo and he's not going to thank me when he sees that in the future."
I know she is in the Middle East promoting Breast Cancer awareness, but this picture really freaks me out. Not sure if it is the pink/black contrast or the tilt of her head.
Alumni reunion on College walk! Oh no, Serbian veterins. Sorry.
Algiers. Do you recognize the fancy outfit the little boy wearing? I do. I saw them being sold in Istanbul. They look like little prince costumes, but they are to celebrate circumcision! That little boy looks pretty happy now, but something tells me he won't be in a minute!

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