Monday, October 15, 2007


So I am supposes to blog about how they taught us about the the Klu Klux Klan in middle school. I don't actually find this story all that remarkable, but Alexia said it was worth blogging about (versus most of my stuff and my perma-whine about law school, don't worry that will come at the end of this entry anyway).

So when I was in middle school we learned about the Klu Klux Klan. Not in a way even romtely suggesting they were okay, but we learned about their beliefs. At one point during class when when one teacher was lecturing another teacher entered wearing a Klan robe and hood. This was probably only even remotely okay because there were no black kids in the class. Anywho, he was trying to scare us (basically impress upon us that the Klan existed in New York too and we could not just write it off as a southern thing). Someone had found the robe when they bought a new house and donated it to the school. The teacher wearing it actually looked pretty funny as he was tall and the robe was made for a smaller man, so it was about a foot too short.

We also learned about the Klan's plan to divide the country up into sections and have a white part, a black part an Asian part, and probably a latino part as well. I don't remember which was which.

Such was middle school (it was a public school by the way).

Writing a Russian composition at the moment and it will be a while yet before I finish. This week is sort of hell. I was up most of last night writing a memo, writing my Russian comp tonight, and for Monday I have a large and important memo that I have no idea how I will finish in time and do decently.

Did I mention I don't look law school too much?

I always wonder why I am here until I read about US-Russian missile treaties, territorial disputes, or a legal systems of Ukraine and Russia and then I remember that that is the stuff I really want to get to. It will just take a while.

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