Sunday, October 07, 2007

New! (may be a lie)

This post is a bit older, but when I was ready to post it the internet decide to flip out on me.

Well it looks like posts are going to be a bit more sporadic these days than they were last year.

School is keeping me pretty busy and I am trying to find away to run with that while keeping a life (by extent my sanity) and a sense of fun.

Nothing too crazy is going just that we 1Ls don't speak the same language as the professors. We are not specific enough and are more careless with our words. Still they are the ones stuck with first years for eternity, we presumably only have to be 1Ls once.

A number of things are going well. It has been nice to be closer to my family again. I have had some great moments of catching up with College friends (it is really wonderful to have friends that understand you better than you understand yourself).

I am also pretty happy about the elections in Ukraine. The Orange parties squeaked out a majority in the new parliament. Observers, Ukrainians included, are pretty cynical about the whole business, but the Orange parties seem to be the only ones committed to greater transparency. Tymoshenko despite being a former oligarch herself is likely to give the oligarchs a run for their money and keep them on their toes, which suits me just fine. Still seems like a positive development to me compared to the farce that is Russian politics (specifically Putin not only saying he might run for the presidency again four years after his current term, but that he might take over the position of Prime Minister in the meantime. Basically he'll just do whatever he wants.

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