Thursday, October 11, 2007


So law school continues. We had a very nice meeting of International Law Society tonight, which I really enjoyed. The people are really interesting, many are multilingual, and well, share many of my interests. Most are more into human rights, which isn't really what I want to go into, but it just a good group of people (they are also organizing language conversation groups for twelve different language, which is pretty cool).

Many of the people there were older than I am. Many of them had spent years abroad. It kind of made me wonder if I should have spent more time abroad before law school perfect my Russian and French (granted French had farther to go) and picking up either Ukrainian or Georgian. I do really like spending time abroad. Still, I know that last year when I was abroad I felt an internal pressure to acquire skills and get on with my life, so it does seem like there will always been an element of "the grass is greener."

My original plan after Vienna had actually been to spend a year in France. By the time that came around though I was no longer so enamored with French, and was also discouraged that in the places the teaching program would send me I would not be able to continue with Russian (bane and joy of my existence). So that was tricky and then it ended up not working with differing.

Still, with a very structured schedule at the moment the appeal of just hanging out in a country that I would like to learn more about is great. For some reason Georgian and Ukraine are really calling me. Don't know if it is because I wrote my big research paper on the two countries political situations last year. I was really happy that when I was in Ukraine this summer I picked up some Ukrainian (my Ukrainian grandmother was pleased). I would really like to learn Ukrainian properly one day. I may have to make it back to Columbia at some point to take their Georgian and Ukrainian language courses.

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