Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Times

One of the more eccentric teachers here forgot to turn on his microphone this morning. It took fifteen minutes of the people in the back of the class coughing and trying to get his attention, which did not work because he lectured for the first ten minutes with his eyes closed, before one of the people is the back yelled that his mike was not on. He responded that he had not put his mike on because there was a sickness being transmitted among the professors by the mikes that they all had to share. He then admitted that was a lie and put his mike on.

That goes up there with his mimed reenactment of one of the murders we read about as my favorite class moment.

Another professor told us about how he had defended a client who had previously been convicted of having sex with a dead bird. Apparently in the unrelated case his working in the judges were very curious and asked about the type and size of the bird among other questions.

See, law school is fun, if deranged.

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