Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So you know sometimes you know a genre of something so well that you can predict what happens next? Like how in bad teen movies if you see a girl with glasses and her hair up who is supposabley nerdy you know at some point someone will giver her a makeover that consisted of letting down her hair and taking off her glasses and everyone will be shocked and she will end up with the football star/class president/most popular guy in school. Or how in action movies (excluding James Bond) if someone speak with a very British accent British accent they will be the villain. Well, in our criminal law book, at least in the cases on murder, there is an equivalent: when in doubt, someone will be stabbed multiple times in the throat. Yes, Hollywood like you to believe the torso, but no, apparently the throat. So you will be reading a story about a guy trying to make up with his ex and you will be thinking "Oh, she's going to get stabbed in the throat isn't she." And then the guy puts aside the presents, and pulls out a steak knife and does the deed. And then despite it being horrible, you think" not very creative saw that coming, we've had at least three other throat stabbing cases this week." This is how law school ruins your soul, or makes you into a creative murder.

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