Monday, September 18, 2006

Airport Blues

It's 6:30 am British time and I am sitting in the airport waiting for my connection to Vienna. I just had to go through secuirity AGAIN, being asked if I had any liquids and having to take my shoes off and such. I really don't like taking off my shoes.

There was pretty sad scene at what I am assuming was the second secuirity check, where a Gabonese couple were being told the bottle of champagne they recieved as a 50th wedding anniversary present was going to be confiscated and tossed. They hadn't gotten the liquids memo (and didn't really speak English). It looked like the guy might help them out though.

On the plane to London I sat next to a Polish girl. I recognized the book she was reading was in Polish and a law text book so I started up a conversation (first in Russian, but moving to English after that freaked her out). She was pretty cool she had been working at foxwoods, which she hated. She said it was really kitschy, but she got to travel so all in all it worked out.

Being in London in anoying. I traveled almost eight hours and I still feel like I am in the US (at least compared to the places I usually travel to). Leaving soon though.

Disclaimer: I can't spell and this airport computer won't let me use blogger's spellcheck, overtypes whenever I try to add a word, and won't let me copy or paste. Fun.

Note: You know the notice "bags left unattended will be seized and destroyed," the destroyed bit always seems overly harsh to me, especially as I am sure they just put them in a closet.

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