Thursday, September 28, 2006


I was elected to some sort of leadership/speaking position by a game of rock, paper, scissors today. The position was that coveted. Now I have to figure out what I have to do.


Nella said...

Wait, you volunteered for something for which you don't know what you would have to do?

Damnit, Ian, didn't fairy tales/myths teach you ANYTHING about agreeing to shit before knowing all the details?!

For SHAME, Ian. I bet they are going to make to bring them the head of John the Baptist on a plate or something.

Barbarossa said...

yeah well the called the position the 'speaker,'I thought it would be giving a speech at the graduation next week (for last year's people), you know 'speaking,' but I think I along with another girl may be speaking for everyone all the time. Did I ever mention I always considered student government people to be a fifth column?

Serves me right for going against the myths. Maybe I'll get a cool story out of it?

Antonella said...

Oh, I'm sure you WILL get a cool story out of it. Something tragedically silly that will make me point and laugh, or at least, shake me head.

Have fun! And if they demand that you have to reveal yourself to them in all your full, godly awesomeness a la Zeus, do it anyway--it'll fry them to little crispy human bits, and they brought THAT fate upon themselves.