Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun with the LSAT!

So as it turns out, blogs can be a pretty fantastic source of guilt. Now I know I have a big Vienna post coming where I have to tell people how I've settled in, post pictures, and go of on some German related tangent. That's not happening...yet. I do feel bad about it which is funny, since I'm pretty sure with Ruth heading back to Columbia my blog lost its only reader.

So yeah, the lsat is Saturday. That's while this won't be the aforementioned post. Ugh. Words do not describe how much I want it to be over and how much I don't want to feel like I mucked it up after I take it. I have been taking an lsat once a week for the last three months in addition to doing three plus hours of work on the other days. I want to be done, but I also want to feel like all of my preparation has been worthwhile. Pity me.

Over the summer I bonded with my Kaplan class, we had fun, teased the teacher, and picked on the lsat. None the less, it wasn't exactly a team exercise. Everybody was talking about the scores you needed, how much money you could make if you went to school X, and how it all came down to numbers. It was a little soul crushing. I really don't like a lot of tomorrow's lawyers. Generally I don't like their reasons for being lawyers (i.e. show me the money!), but I don't know that my reasons are so much better than mine or necessarily what mine are for that matter. For me, I came to the realization a long time ago that I didn't want to do something academic career wise, but that I would like to do something involving different languages and countries interacting with each other. At the end of the day with a law degree (and the proper experience) you can do that while making a bit more than with most things. All of that sounds great, but at the end of the day the money does matter a bit to me too, especially if I wan to try and live in oh-so-expensive New York. Am I already going over to the darkside?

My Dad wants me to go to business school. I think that's pretty much the death star

Yeah so in my pre-lsat haze I have dreams of the whole lsat thing not working out and me becoming a hobo, I'm learning to accept it.

Just in case the whole hobo things doesn't work I encourage you to leave comments telling me what I should do with life.

Also, come Friday I may ask for electronic words of encouragement.

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ruth said...

see look you still have a reader! and you can even pretend it's because i think you're neat not because i don't like doing homework. i think you should be either A) an international human rights lawyer(a way to salvage the soulessness of lawyerdom), B) ambassador to somewhere cool so you can get me free trips there or C) suck it up and become an academic but a cool kind, like the ones they consult about shit and send places to do stuff. i think i might have just made up that last job. or you could be a zebra. that's what i wanted to be as a child. everytime i blew out my candles on my birthday cake i wished that i was a zebra. i'm just saying, you should consider it. you don't even need to take the lsats to be qualified.