Friday, September 15, 2006

Mad Dash

T-minus Three

At Exactly 11:35 I arrived in the city today, at exactly 1:15 Eastern Standard Time I left.

I spent more time time on the train than I did in the city.

Why you ask? Could I not bare the gray apocalyptic weather? Nah. Getting of letters of recommendation stuff in before I left and meeting with someone in the Law School. I don't think I'll get in, but what the hell, we only die once.

So besides feeling old when I wondered why the campus felt dead and then realizing it was Friday around 12:00, I had a cool little interlude on the Subway.

This older woman entered the subway and stayed standing near the door. I asked her if she would like my seat, she declined and then explained (I don't think her sight was to good) that she preferred to stand near the door so she could count the stops. She explained how she only went seven stops so she kept seven fingers up and put one down for each stop she passed and when the seventh one went down she knew to get off.

She had a really lovely accent that I couldn't place, all the more so because I couldn't gleam and clues from her indeterminate ethnicity. So a few moments later I asked her where she was from, complimenting her on her lovely accent. She said she was from Jamaica, but said her accent wasn't pretty, saying that if you heard her next to an English person then you would know what a pretty accent was. I disagreed, as there are some pretty harsh English accents. She went on to say that in Jamaica people and cultures were all mixed together, Indian, African, and White. After that she asked me where I was from, I told her just from Long Island and she told me I was very refined, adding a few moments later 'not that Long Islanders are not.' I told her I knew what she meant and with that we reached the seventh stop, I wished her well, and that was that. I knew she had a great story to her life, and though I only brushed the tip of the iceberg, it was a great moment of just realizing the richness of NewYork and New Yorkers.

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