Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I realized not so long ago that I don't have any non-animated shows. As such, a five year plan was started. Here is a list of some of the shows I am/want to get into:

My name is Earl - I've never seen it. I love Jason Lee though. I even suffered through 'A Guy Thing' just for him.

Entourage - loads of people love this show. I've only seen two episodes (a newer one with a fat guy who stole a shrek doll, not so good, and the pilot, a little patchy), but I have the first season on my shelf so I will be watching it. It seems like a real guy show, maybe the counterweight to sex and the city? I think I will really like it.

Weeds-I loved the pilot and Mary-Louise Parker is great. They dropped two of my favorite characters right after the pilot though, and later episodes seemed to lack a direction. Still, the music is really good so I'll be giving it another go.

Battlestar Gallactica-I like sci-fi. I like battles, it seemed like a good fit. I watched the first season though I am not sold. I'm curious about the bigger plot lines, but the actual episodes I don't enjoy that much. I feel like enjoying watching a show is required to consider it a 'show.'

Lost-Never seen it. Everyone from epileptic cows to librarians seems to love it though, so I figure I ought to try it.

Let me know what you think of any of these shows or if you have recommendations.

Rejects so far:

The Office (both versions) - I can't take it. I know the performers are good I know it's parodying office life, I know it is an acquired taste. Watching it was painful.

The 4400-I like Ira Steven Behr, saw one episode and it was pretty bad. I would excuse on bad story, but all of the performances just seemed weak.

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ruth said...

my two favorites are arrested development and scrubs. also you would probably like stella which only ran for like two months on comedy central but was quite hilarious. i don't know if you can get dvds though