Sunday, September 24, 2006

Austria is pretty frigging Beautiful people

Yeah, the palatial museum above is right near where I live, I'm just saying.

So I was oriented hard this week. I hate orienations. It offends my individuality or something. I have been through so many for so many different countries and so many different programs and it just seems like if you have some common sense and cultural knowledge there's nothing covered in an orienation that is going to greatly increase you knowledge, and if you don't its already a little too late.

That being said, the other Fulbright students are a pretty cool bunch (as a rule more the recently undergrads than hardcore PHD candidates). I was really worried conversations would be really dull as everyone tries to be as inoffensive as white bread and pauses would only exist as people come up for air after reciting the title of their overly wordy research projects, but by the end of the first day I had already told one person I would laugh at her death and another accusing another of trying to abduct Austria children and people were still talking to me, so that was cool.

It also has to be said that Austria and Vienna are ridiculously pretty. Yes they stole from the Italians, yes Vienna was completely untouched by the war, but still, pretty. Vienna is also just cool because there is a lot going on, but it is a very compact city and very walkable.

Despite having another orientation coming up and taking the lsat this coming Saturday, I am excited and having a good time.

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ruth said...

so we're reading dead souls in one of my classes and i thought of you in vienna when i read this: "'It's a very good town, a splendid town,' replied Chichikov, 'and i have spent my time very pleasantly: the society there is most cordial.'
'and how did you find our Governor?' said Manilov's wife.
'It is true, is it not, that he is a most awfully estimable and amiable man?' Manilov added.
'Quite true,' said Chichikov,'a most awfully estimable man. And how he has taken to his duties, how well he understands them! One could wish that we had more such people.'
'How well he can, so to speak, you know, recieve anyone at all, observe delicacy in all his actions,' Manilov interjected with a smile and nearly squeezed his eyes shut with pleasure, like a tomcat that is being lightly tickled behind the ears with a finger.
'A most cordial and pleasant man,' Chichikov continued, 'and so clever with his hands!'
'And the Vice-Governor is such a nice man, isn't that true?' said Manilov, again narrowing his eyes somewhat.
'A very very worthy man,' replied Chichikov.
'Tell me then, how did the Chief of Police strike you? It's true, is it not, that he is a very pleasant man?'
'Extremely pleasant, and what an intelligent, what a well-read man! A very very worthy man.'
'Well then, what is your opinion of the wife of the Chief of Police?' Manilov's spouse added. 'A most amiable woman, isn't that true?'
'Oh, she is one of the worthies women I know,' replied Chichikov."

and so on. anyway, i'm glad you didn't end up having to go through all that. also, someone told me that petersburg is supposed to be a copied after vienna, so it must be a great city.