Monday, September 18, 2006

Vienna Bound

T-minus 0

I am still a gushy about last night, despite missing my train and making it home around 4-ish am. Cooper 35 is a great place, both for ambiance, price, and quality. Also, and this is a big one for me, you can hear people! At heart, I am a conversationalist, but far too often cool places aren't good places to talk to people. Again so happy.

Special awards for the evening go to Mike, who's travel to and from New York added up to more than his time in the city (much appreciated), and Ruth, who despite not being there. I know was only kept from coming by half a continent and medal rods protruding from her leg. She's got moxie kids. A special demerit goes to Edward, for stabbing me in the tongue.

The funny thing is you might think being so amazed by my friends would make me sad as I won't see them for a long time, but it didn't. It was just like: look at all these awesome people! They are funny, slightly off color, and have social skills! Realizing I had somehow managed to get close to such great people, gave me hope for my future Vienna friends.

(Tangential note: In elementary we would sing the song about old and new friends, you know, the one about "one is silver and the other is gold.' I always found that song extremely depressing. Whenever you moved, your friends kept being made of inferior stuff. Sure, first gold and second, but then third you have bronze and a few moves later your looking at tin and mud people).

So because I had such a good time and was so appreciative I was going to write a little blurb for each of the nineteen people who came about how awesome they are. I *was* going to do that till I remembered with stuff like that I usually just jumped to my name, read it, thought it was okay, then read everyone else's, and then tried to determine my relative worth to the person based on comparative entry length, content, and degree of enthusiasm. I couldn't deal with that sort of pressure. Also, knowing I am getting increasingly tired writing this I knew the first few would get big entries along the lines of "X is amazing. I am continually amazed by his energy, wit, creativity, and amazingness. He saved me from drowning. Were I to give up my heart so that I would die and someone else could live,I would do it for him" and towards the end people would get stuff like "Y is great, really good guy." See in comparison that looks bad and everyone would hate me. So instead, here are some pictures of me scaring people:

Me: Look everyone! -cricket- Antonella came to my party!

Antonella: YOUR PARTY! Riiight, of course, I completely didn't forget where it was going to be and was not coming here to have drinks with other people. Umm, is it too late to tell you I can't come because I have cancer of the knees?Ummm...-cough-

Me: Oh Antonella, you and your kidding, from the relaxed look on your face I can tell you really want to be here.

Me: Emily, its so great you came! Now I can finally tell you all about the half-Kazakh half-Volga Germans I met while I was in in a Kazakhstani Soviet era children's' puppet theatre!

Emily: greeeeat....(inches away)


Nella said...

Worst. Picture. Of me. EVER.

*puts brown bag over head*

ruth said...

that picture of emily is maybe my favorite thing ever. especially since she gives me that look a lot and it makes me feel better that i'm not the only one she thinks is insane.

also, i'm tickled pink that i got mentioned by name. i feel special. not just mr-rogers-you-are-special-song special, but actual non-condisending-to-make-a-child-have-self-esteem special.