Thursday, September 07, 2006

Suburbia be Damned!

T-minus 10 till Vienna

I really hate Suburbia.

To be completely fair I am not even sure that I can say where I live counts. I mean, where I live there aren't even street lights or sidewalks, but there isn't any farm land anymore either.

Anyway, what I don't like is that is so impersonal, you can easily go days without any human interaction. Sure you might pass people in your car, but you aren't exactly going to make small talk on the road. My biggest problem is that most of America was made for the car. Now cities are tricky because on the one hand at least most of the bigger ones predate the car, but have usually been altered to make wider roads for cars. The emergence of the suburbs was well after the car was the primary mode of transportation. Because of that, there was no reason to make things closer together or promote pedestrian stuff. Suburbs were possible because of the car, but also necessitated it.

Just remember, "The Suburbs are a terrible place to raise a child" - Jean-Claude van Itallie

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