Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things I know about Austria

T-minus five till Vienna

So I am leaving soon for Vienna, and as that day approaches I find myself wondering what it will be like. Now, I have never been to Austria, let alone, Vienna, and though I know there are similarities, I know there are differences too. So here is a list of things I know about Austria:

If you call an Austrian a German they usually get mad, goes for Austrian-Americans too.

The German name for Vienna is 'Wien,' hence Wiener Schitzel is Viennese Chicken Cutlet, a Wiener is a Vienna sausage, and the last name Wiener just means someone from Vienna, like New Yorker means someone from New York.

Austrians like to call Austria 'das bessere Deutschland,' or the better Germany, some Germans agree.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a weirdo accent even in German and even for Austrian German.

The Sound of Music bombed in Austria and most people haven't seen it, ergo don't make jokes about being glad you didn't have to flee over the alps to escape the Nazis to break the ice.

Austrian stereotype says "Beethoven was Austrian and Hitler was German."

Austria and Vienna were split up into weirdo zones after WWII like Germany and Berlin.

If you look in the phone book in Vienna you may very well find more Slavic last names than German ones.

Although Schwartz means black and Negger could mean Nigger, Schwarzenegger's last name probably just means 'black plower,' and not 'black nigger.' -Sigh-

The German word for Austria is Ö–sterreich, which sounds like ostrich, hence the picture above.

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