Monday, September 04, 2006


So I had a very nice weekend. On Friday I got to see my friend Lindsay who I hadn't seen in ages (literally years upon years), it was great to catch up and see that she still had all of her uniqueness and also to hear where she was directing her energy these days. Then I went to Villanova and see my brother, and that was great because he is really well set up and doing well so I was happy to see that. Then on Saturday night I got to see a whole bunch of philos from school, and the amount of joy seeing those people together again just made me so happy. We went and saw Everett at his new cafe, which was perfect fit, and the evening ended at the Abbey which couldn't have made me happier. On Sunday Edward and I got to catch up, seeing New York's newest Klimt at Die Neue Galerie and then explored the park. I don't do justice too all of the nice moments or how happy I was to see all the people, but it was wonderful and I am just to see that so many of the people I care about are in a good place right now.

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