Monday, September 11, 2006

Things German

T-minus seven days till Vienna

So I got to speak some German today for the first time in weeks, it was bit like 'oh, I can still do that, oh good.' The woman I spoke with had an amazing story and really spoke German very well. She is half-German, half-Hungarian, and was born in Yugoslavia in the thirties. After World War II her family fled to West Germany where they lived in refugee camps for some time and then she was able to get work in England as a servant in a castle, and then eventually come to the US. The fact that there are amazing people like here just hanging around suburbia does give me hope.

We had a lot of fun talking about Austria-Hungary, England, and the US. We both agreed the English were hard to get to know and rather cold. There were a lot of people I liked in the UK but I found it very hard to get to know them or become close and as a result most of my friends were other foreign students. She had found the same thing. So we had some fun making fun of the English together.

All in all it was really interesting and I got a contact in Budapest, so hopefully I'll be Hungary bound at some point in the coming months.

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